Maine Nursing Programs

LPN programs MaineWith the elderly population increasing, and the Baby Boomer’s close behind, a career in nursing is certainly a good option for those who want a stable and secure job outlook. These days it is hard for a college graduate to enter the workforce and use the degree they earned.  However, recent studies and surveys suggest that almost 95 percent of students who graduate as either a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse can find employment after they are certified. This article will outline the specific steps one can take to begin their nursing career.

Licensed Practical Nurse Programs in Maine

There are two approved educational LPN programs in Maine: Central Maine Community College and Intercoast Career Institute. These programs take approximately 12-20 months to complete, and the individual graduates with a practical nurse diploma. They can then write the National LPN exam to become a practicing LPN. LPNs perform a variety of duties in the workplace and are usually the first to interact with a patient. As an LPN, you are allowed to give medication prescribed by a physician, take vital signs, perform basic wound care, give injections of medicine and immunizations, take medical history, and ensure proper record keeping and information storage. Many individuals choose to complete their LPN program while waiting for entrance into an RN program as their credits are usually transferable.

Nursing Programs MaineRegistered Nurse Programs in Maine

As with other state governing bodies, the Maine State Board of Nursing has approved two different ways to obtain an RN certification. You can either attend a community college or technical school to obtain an Associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or you can complete an undergraduate degree in nursing at a post secondary university. A bachelor’s degree will provide more clinical experience and prepare you to continue your education at the graduate level. BSN graduates are more likely to be hired in the workforce compared to ADN holders. Both routes will allow you to take the RN National exam.

According to the Maine State Board of Nursing, there are seven approved educational programs for an Associate’s degree in nursing in Maine. Associate’s degrees take between 16-24 months to complete and are less comprehensive than bachelor degrees. As an RN, you will perform diagnostic tests, record patient behavior, establish treatment plans, treat medical emergencies, administer medication, and supervise licensed practical nurses and certified nurse assistants. Whatever path you take, be sure to evaluate your career goals and what you want for the future to minimize the time spent in school and maximize your time as a practicing nurse.

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