New Hampshire Nursing Programs

Accredited Nursing SchoolsThe nursing shortage has affected New Hampshire in more than one way. Potential students are being turned away since there are not enough classroom spots available. There are too many open faculty spots and there is a lack of sites for clinical practice. In order to better your chances at securing a spot in one of the nurse schools or nursing programs, it is recommended that you have volunteer experience, as well as high grades in core programs such as biology, chemistry, math, English and psychology.

Licensed Practical Nurse Programs in New Hampshire

LPNs make of 16% of the nursing workforce in New Hampshire and are always in demand. The program requires one year of course work along with hands on experience. Once you have graduated; you will be able to write the NCLEX-PN exam. An LPN can be expected to perform a wide range of duties, including: bathing and feeding, taking vital signs, administering and injecting medications, recording patient histories, performing diagnostic procedures and wound care. LPNs that have additional certification in geriatric nursing have a better chance of an offer of employment once they have graduated.

Nursing Programs New HampshireRegistered Nurse Programs in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire State Board of Nursing recognizes two types of RN degree programs. There is the 2 year Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or the 4 year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). Either option will give the graduate the ability to write the NCLEX-RN exam. As graduates with an ADN may find it hard to quickly find employment unless they have previous hands on experience as either an LPN or a CNA, the most popular program choice in the state is the BSN.

Online Nurse Programs in New Hampshire

Since it can be difficult to be accepted into one of the programs due to limited space, online degree programs in New Hampshire are a clever and much quicker way to get into the nursing field. Programs are offered for CNA, LPN, LPN-RN, RN-BSN and RN-MSN. There are many that have been accredited with just that fact in mind, and in order to get trained nurses into the workforce as soon as possible. Most of them also offer assistance with work placement after graduation to lessen the burden on overworked nurses. It is quite likely that with the lack of educational spots that online degree programs may actually be your best choice in New Hampshire.

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