Ohio Nursing Programs

Online CNA ClassesWith Ohio being on the list of Top 10 Nursing Shortage States, there are employment opportunities abound in the nursing field. It is expected that roughly 40% of the nurses in Ohio will retire within the next ten years, creating a large hole in patient care. For those who are considering choosing nursing as a career, they will find it extremely rewarding both personally and financially. There are many options in Ohio for nurse schools and nursing programs to either begin your career or continue your nursing education.

Licensed Practical Nurse Programs in Ohio

According to the Ohio State Board of Nursing, LPNs make up about 26% of the nursing workforce. LPNs are heavily relied on during all phases of patient care and recovery. Whether you are choosing to become an LPN or go further to an RN degree, there are several courses that a potential student must complete before they are accepted into the program. These college classes will include areas relating to the arts and sciences such as physiology, chemistry and psychology and will need to equal 15-30 credit hours. The LPN program is one year in length and includes hands on experience. Once you have graduated, you are able to take the NCLEX-PN exam. On an average day, an LPN can expect to perform many tasks, including administering medications, performing diagnostic procedures, bathing and feeding.  They will also take vital signs and perform other duties that are assigned to them by either an RN or physician.

Nursing Programs OhioRegistered Nurse Programs in Ohio

There are 87 accredited nursing schools throughout the state. Two forms of RN degrees are recognized. You may choose to take the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program for the length of two years.  If you desire a bigger challenge, you may prefer the higher ranked Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program which takes four years to complete. Either degree will allow you to write the NCLEX-RN exam. RNs are a vital component to patient care and can expect to perform many duties, including: treating medical emergencies, performing CPR, diagnostic testing procedures, administering medications and supervising both CNAs and LPNs.

Online Nurse Programs in Ohio

Online degree programs give you the opportunity to begin, or advance your nursing career at your pace. There are many options that are available in Ohio with an online designation and include CNA, LPN, LPN-RN, RN-BSN and BSN-MSN. Care should be taken to make sure that your program is accredited.

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