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Nurse Programs school OregonOregon is experiencing a critical shortage of nursing professionals all over the state, but rural and frontier county areas have been hard hit. “Because Oregon’s Health Depends On It” is the slogan of the Oregon Center for Nursing. The state continues to expect highly qualified nursing professionals will be needed for years, due to retirement and an aging population. 18% more job openings are expected by 2018. If your calling just may be a career in nursing and you have a sincere desire to help others, now is an excellent time to consider options in Oregon for nurse schools and nursing programs to either begin your career, or continue your nursing education in this exciting field.

Licensed Practical Nurse Programs in Oregon

According to the Oregon State Board of Nursing, LPNs make up around only 8% of the nursing workforce. This may be because of the trend in students who are preferring to graduate with RN degrees. However, if you are anxious to begin as quickly as possible, an LPN program of one year with hands on experience will get you started, and then you can continue your education if you desire. Once you have graduated you are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam. As part of their regular duties, an LPN can expect to perform many tasks, including taking patient measurements, bathing and feeding.  You may also be tasked with performing diagnostic procedures, administering medications, and performing any other duties that may be assigned to them.

Nursing Programs OregonRegistered Nurse Programs in Oregon

There are 23 accredited nursing schools throughout the state of Oregon, and the RN comfort score is third in the nation. There are two RN degrees that are recognized by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. You may prefer to take an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program which is two years. You may also choose the more extensive Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program which takes four years to finish. Either degree option will allow you to write the NCLEX-RN exam. RNs are an increasingly vital aspect of patient care and can be expected to perform many duties, some of which include: treating medical emergencies, supervising both LPNs and CNAs.  You are also responsible for diagnostic testing procedures, establishing patient treatment plans, administering medications and performing CPR. In general there are more options available to those graduates who hold a BSN as opposed to an ADN.

Online Nurse Programs in Oregon

Online degree programs give you the flexibility to either begin or if you choose, advance your career in nursing at your own pace without having to attend a school full-time due to other obligations. Many options are available in Oregon for nursing degree programs, and that have an online designation. Some of these include CNA, LPN, LPN-RN, RN-BSN and BSN-MSN. Care should be taken to check with the BON just to make sure that your program is accredited properly.

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